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If you are a past member of the department we would especially like to hear from you about where you are and what you are up to now.


Coming November 14th - 2016 Fire Service Leadership Seminar

 For more information and to register for this event please click here.

FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka will present "Fire Alarm Leadership". This program takes the strategy and tactics used by today's fire service leaders and applies them to the business community. What is revealed is how the Incident Management System (IMS), a nationally recognized methodology used at every fire or major disaster, when applied to a business operation, can ensure successful and productive results no matter what obstacles or challenges you may face.



How do the Fire Taxes I pay benefit me? 

Revenue, collected by the Town of Plattsburgh, on behalf of the South Plattsburgh Fire District is used annually to build and maintain an Emergency Service (Fire & EMS) response capability for the residents, businesses of our Fire District as well as the visitors passing through our Fire District.

Funds are used to maintain the Districts two fire stations, the departments apparatus fleet and all of the tools and personal protective equipment used by the Volunteers that respond as members of the South Plattsburgh Fire Department.

By maintaining a well equipped, staffed and trained Fire Department properties are eligible for lower fire insurance rates through improved Insurance Service Office (ISO) ratings. ISO Ratings are currently listed as 4 in hydrant areas and 8B in non-hydrant areas.

District taxes allow the South Plattsburgh Fire District and the Volunteer members of the South Plattsburgh Fire Department to provide full service Fire/Rescue capabilities including: Medical First Response, Auto/Crash Extrication, Hazardous Materials Operations, Disaster Response Mitigation, Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression and Public Education throughout the District.

Interested in Our Department?

Should you have any questions regarding department operations or the services we provide please reach out the Fire Chief at spfdchief@spfd32.org.

Anyone interested in volunteering for our organization or just looking to see who we are and what we do is urged to stop by either of our two stations on any Monday night at 7pm. Station 1 is located at 4105 Route 22 and Station 2 is located at 4444 Route 9.





Lets Go Racing ~ 2016

Any of our County Mutual Aid departments that are interested in helping out at the Airborne Race Track again this summer please CLICK HERE and fill in the on-line form or feel free to text Assistant Chief Day directly. The dates and trucks we are looking for are listed on the schedule seen when following the CLICK HERE  link.